geopermitweb - new release aug. 2004

    press release 7/241/04

    infotrax, inc., the pittsburgh based software developer recently announced the upgrade of its flagship product geopermit, as an internet based application. permitting, property inquiries and mapping are available via the internet.

    geopermit is a database manager that allows state, county and municipal managers to track individual parcels of land. from land development to building and occupancy permits to code violations, geopermit will automatically update the information contained in each of its specific applications.

    the parcel section tracks ownership, tax information, zoning and other information including miscellaneous notes. this section also allows the user to attach photographs to each parcel�s file.

    the land development section provides general development information, tracks the stages of the approval or development processes, and tracks necessary planning commission actions. this includes bonding issues and permit requirements.

    the building permit, building inspection, certificate of occupancy, sign permit, zoning and fire inspection sections all link directly to the parcel information section to eliminate unnecessary typing. each section creates a corresponding certificate, where applicable, and geo permit will automatically calculate and record any fees that may be due or are paid.

    the code violation section registers the original complaint, creates violation letters, creates follow up letters for the original complainant, and includes an inspection log for accurate record keeping of all related actions and inspections. also, this section may contain local ordinances for easy reference and updating.

    geo permit comes with a number of pre-set reports, and they are easy to customize. clients may create reports to evaluate active building permits, commercial/residential occupancy permits, building permits by development, building permits by proposed use, last inspection date reports, building inspection reports and contractors� workman�s compensation reports.

    the geo permit gis (geographic information system) component is an excellent tool for managing parcel information with the help of maps. clients can zoom in or out on specific map regions, and they can retrieve specific parcel information by clicking within a parcel�s boundaries on the map. permit applications, current status, reports and summaries are now available via the internet.

    infotrax, inc. is a subsidiary of commercial data services of pittsburgh, and a registered microsoft and esri developer. the company has over ten years of development experience in municipal management, gis, and digital imaging software.

    for more information contact:

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    tel: (724) 473-1044
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