web enable your permits
    the promise of e-government has finally been full filled!

    geopermitweb is now available
    easy web access to your municipalities property, permitting, and inspection information

    our company

    • provides permitting, inspection, code, and zoning management solutions to municipalities
    • develops and implements gis solutions for municipal governments
    • has over 30 years of data processing experience with over 20 years in municipal applications

    our software
    • helps municipal governments manage growth
    • provides a cost effective management solution to maximize your existing computer systems

    contact information
    infotrax is committed to using the latest tools and technology to deliver the highest quality software.
    please call or email to schedule a live demonstration via the internet.

    general information: info@geopermitgis.com

    infotrax, inc.
    box 253
    bradford woods, pa 15015
    tel: (724) 473-1044
    fax: (724) 473-1048